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    Crope is a new brand created by Smartfit in 2016, specialized in crossfit and functional products. It provides not only its own brand products, but also OEM products. Its innovation and creativeness will satisfy various needs of different markets and customers.

    Though it is new, it is powerful and professional under the team work of Smartfit. With qualified products, Crope is confident to win the market together with its customers.

    Smartfit was set up since 1992 locating in Jiangsu, China(near Shanghai), specialized in home use fitness, for this series products, please kindly refer to website:



     ∟ Weight Plates

     ∟ Dumbbell&Kettlebell

     ∟ Gym Hammer&Clubbell

     ∟ Wall Ball&Slam Ball

     ∟ Weight Bag

     ∟ Weight Vest&Ankle Weights


     ∟ Olympic Bars

     ∟ Lifting Options

Power&Squat Racks

     ∟ Power Racks

     ∟ Squat Racks


     ∟ Free Standing Rigs

     ∟ Wall Mounted Rigs

Rig&Rack Parts

Other Equipment

Storage Racks


     ∟ Power Training Ropes

     ∟ Plyo Box&Jerk Blocks

     ∟ Landing Pad&Functional Tyre

     ∟ Resistance Bands

     ∟ Supports

     ∟ Jump Rope

     ∟ Timer

     ∟ Gym Rings&Chalk

     ∟ Belt

     ∟ Massage Ball&Roller

     ∟ Others

About us







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